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Cheque payments

1) Cheque payment vouchers are prepared by the Accounts Office, having attached the approved quotation and other supporting documentation the batch is sent to the Chancellor’s Office for approval and cheque signing.

2) After payment is made the payment voucher and attachments are filed in the accounts department according to banks from where the cheques are drawn.

The Library

Students and Staff members use library books within the library or taken outside. The Librarian makes sure that those using the books leave the books in good condition that those that are taken outside are properly recorded on the borrower’s respective membership cards and returned in good condition and on time.

A fine is charged to students that return the books late and a claim is made against the book fund for those that are lost. We recommend that the same fine be charged to staff members for late returns of books and a claim for lost books should be done through payroll deductions.

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